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How We Review Whiskies


Whiskies are rated by our members on the visuals (out of 5), aroma (out of 25), taste (out of 40), & finish (out of 30). With a total score out of 100.

Based on how scoring occurred for our early reviews, the following guide is given to members –

0-60 awful • 60-70 bad • 70-80 okay • 80-85 good • 85-90 great • 90-95 awesome • 95+ amazing

The individual scores are collected, and outliers are removed via the “agreeable group” statistical method to reduce bias and taste preferences (ie, people who score a peated whisky lowly because they don’t like peat). This gives us a better idea of the overall quality of the whisky in the eyes of our members.


Flavour Profile

Along with scoring the whisky, members are invited to choose up to three of the below flavour profiles which they think match the whisky. The profile that is most commonly chosen is then the official flavour profile for the dram.

fresh & floral
eg – blossoms, cut grass, apples, pears

fruity & spicy
eg – peach, vanilla, coconut, nutmeg

malty & dry
eg – breakfast cereal, nuts, cookies

rich & round
eg – raisins, figs, oak tannins, dates

smoky & earthy
eg – wood smoke, bacon, iodine


Dram Association Nickname

The nickname is usually given by the writer of the initial review and tasting notes. It is based on their tasting notes and used to refer to the whisky to keep its true identity hidden for those who enjoy blind tasting.