Akashi White Oak – Single Malt

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Region: Japan
Cask Type: Ex Sherry Spanish Oak, Ex Bourbon & Ex Japanese White Wine Casks
Age: NAS
Type: Single Malt
Release: Special Import
Size: 50 cl
Abv: 46%

Dram Association Panel Tasting Notes

The biggest takeaway from the blended version was the orchard fruits – and that was the first thing we noticed here on the nose. Apricots once more – this time joined by peaches and apple cider. There was a butteriness to it which was quite pleasant and a little touch of sourness. Much more sour and it might be slightly odd with the other flavours – but as it developed it turned out more like Greek yoghurt.

The palate is what really sets this one apart from its blended predecessor. There was a sliver of smoke that brought forward a roasted coffee and butterscotch note. It was joined by stewed plums and milk chocolate. Incredibly different from the blend – and in my eyes leagues ahead of it in quality and complexity. It was still playful – but more powerful. For the 80’s kids among us it was like going from a Nintendo to a Super Nintendo – or as it was known in Japan, Super Famicom!

For such a young whisky the finish was quite lengthy too. Having read a few reviews of previous years releases of this whisky, it seems like the distillery is really improving with both age and experience.


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