Blackadder – Puff Adder

Region: Scotland
Cask Type: Unknown
Age: NAS
Type: Blended Malt
Release: First Ever PA:01
Abv: 46%

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Dram Association Tasting Notes

The nose greeted me with aromas of freshly baked pain au chocolat, sweet earthy smoke and slightly burnt maple syrup. It’s a pretty enticing aroma profile to be welcomed with. The palate retained much of the sweet and smokey notes but added layers of savoury and zest to the mix that came across like a baked ham and candied lemon peels.

So the biggest takeaway here is how rich and full flavoured a 46% abv whisky can be when presented with minimum filtration. Honestly, I’ve never had a whisky at this strength with such a level of concentrated flavour and oiliness before. Well, aside from 40+ year old cask strength malt that has naturally reduced to 46% – but if you haven’t got three or four grand to spare, this is a surprisingly good alternative. For a first-ever batch, Blackadder knocked this one out of the park.

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