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Bruichladdich – Octomore 08.2

Region: Islay
Cask Type: Mourvedre, Austrian Sweet Wine, Sauternes, Amarone
Age: 8 Years
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Release: Limited Edition (Travel Retail)
Size: 700ml
Abv: 58.4%


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Dram Association Tasting Notes

There were so many different flavours and aromas happening in this whisky that it’s almost impossible to sew them all together in a narrative. It’s literally so complex that you could taste it a hundred times and swear you were drinking a different whisky each time. The smoke was used as the mortar to hold up the wall of flavour that is Octomore 8.2. It was the entire reason that this mad patchwork of flavours worked so well. The peat isn’t just perfectly integrated, it is entirely necessary – not something I was expecting at all.

In no particular order, her is a list of aromas and flavours that our three-person panel discovered: fresh berries, pickles, aquavit, olive oil, leather, damp forest, peppered beef jerky, mandarins, chinotto, cinnamon hearts, cloves, 1980’s era nightclub smoke machine, iodine, charred lemon peel, caramel, apples, charcoal, pear, dried apricots, grape skins, ash, lapsang souchong, citra hops, liquorice, cherries, cuban cigar smoke, honey, guava, pine nuts, bacon and blackcurrant.


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