Bruichladdich – Tallant #1125 Tempranillo Cask 14 Years Old

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Region: Islay
Cask Type: First Fill Ex-Bourbon with a Callejo Tempranillo
Age: 14
Type: Single Cask Malt
Release: Single Cask
Size: 70 cl
Abv: 52.3% Cask Strength

This single cask offering from Bruichladdich is part of a series bottled and released by upcoming local Islay style distillery Tallant. By resurrecting the old Tallant Distillery name, on a very different west coast, the team intends to create a classic Islay style whisky right here in BC. We look forward to great things to come from this new distillery and independent bottler.

Tasting notes to come soon.


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