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Chartron & Trebuchet – Cremant de Bourgogne Rosé

ABV: 12%   Bottle Size: 750ml   Format: Single

Type: Sparkling Wine

Founded in 1984 in Côte de Beaune, Chartron et Trébuchet owes its reputation of excellence to its mastery of vinification, ageing and bottling of great Burgundy wines. This is an expressive Pinot Noir based sparkling rosé. Light pink in colour with coppery shades. Lots of upfront fruit notes open into crisp red berry and subtle nuances of candied white fruit and spice. The citrus notes blend seamlessly with aromas of strawberries, forming a fresh and delicate bouquet. The palate is lively, with notes of grapefruit and fresh bread. A rich, fresh and vibrant Cremant. Try pairing with Chinese dimsum or deep-fried chicken – Heavenly!


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