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Château Grenouilles – Vieux Marc de Bourgogne

ABV: 45%   Bottle Size: 700ml   Format: Single


Type: Brandy

Description From The Château

After the grapes from Château Grenouilles have been pressed we keep the marc (composed of the grape skins and stems ) that is then compressed and put into a vat to prevent oxidation. The marc then ferments as the sugar is transformed into alcohol.

During winter this marc is distilled in a traditional still. The first and last parts of the distillation are set aside in order to keep only the “heart”, which is a strong white
alcohol of around 57 % vol. This spirit is then matured in oak barrels in order for time to do its work in the cellars of Château Grenouilles.

We have followed this practice for more than 30 years; the resulting spirit has a deep amber colouring and acquires concentrated aromas. During these many years
of ageing some of the alcohol evaporates : this is what we call “the angels’ share”.

When it’s time to bottle, we bring together spirits that have been aged more than 15 years and we reduce the alcoholic degree of the blend to 45% vol. For this, our first bottling we blended marcs that were distilled in the years between 1988 and 1991.

Tasting Notes

Colour : Light amber and luminous.
Nose : extremely complex but harmoniously bringing together spices and preserved fruit, backed up with an impression of great strength.
Mouth: The first impression is silky and round, it then lingers in the mouth thanks to a remarkable aromatic palette with fine woodiness and high notes of Virginia tobacco and white pepper.


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