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Hoyne – Gratitude Winter Warmer

Country: Canada
Style: Winter Ale
Size: 650ml
Abv: 9%

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This beer pours a mildly opaque, amber brown colour with a finger and a half of thick and creamy head. The smell is actually quite mild given the 9% rating on this beer. Toasted vanilla notes join the malted nature of this ale, foreshadowing a smooth and warming, but mild winter flavour. The taste is very smooth. Vanilla notes hit the tongue in a slippery and intense flavour explosion. A touch of nutmeg and allspice join in a festively spiced but not over-the-top flavour portfolio. I would not peg this at 9% from the flavour as it tastes of an ale of a much lesser alcohol content. It is a great winter seasonal beer and if you see it, grab a bottle before it sells out!


This years edition is NOT paper wrapped


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