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Welcome To Island Craft

Where we showcase the best of Vancouver Island.


Island Craft is a new series of events and experiences that serve to highlight just how incredible our local craft scene is here on Vancouver Island.

We’re organized and hosted by The Strath – a local family owned Vancouver Island business since 1954.

The Fall Festival

Celebrate Vancouver Island with over 60 local beers, ciders & spirits!


For our Fall Festival, we’ve invited a fantastic mix of over twenty stalwart local producers and brand new enterprises who are excited to showcase their craft. Whether you’re a beer, cider or spirit fan – you’re bound to find some new favourites among our sixty-plus featured products.

The festival is on Sunday, October 9th, starting at 1pm/2pm. Tickets are only available online, right here.

Below you’ll find a list of guests, and we’ll be revealing more every week from now until the festival!


How Our Festivals Work

What to expect when you arive.


The festival will be held at The Sticky Wicket, 919 Douglas St Victoria. Our 20+ local craft vendors will be spread across the brand new Wicket Hall and the Clubhouse.

There are no physical tickets, so be sure to remember the name that you booked under. Once you arrive you’ll be given a sample cup and some tokens to start you off.

Drink tokens can be used towards 4oz samples of beer or cider*, ½oz of spirit. And food tokens can be used towards some fabulous appies by our talented kitchen. More tokens will be available at the event for $2.50 each.

* some beer or cider may be less than 4oz pours based on abv. Unredeemed tokens hold no cash value.

Choosing Your Ticket

What does your ticket come with?


Our regular tickets come with everything you need to get started, including some drink tokens and food tokens. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on the festival favourites and have a whole extra hour, you can do so by upgrading to a premium ticket for just $5 more.

Regular Tickets – $25

Entry From 2pm
2 Drink Tokens
2 Food Token
Souvenir Sample Cup
A Sense Of Island Pride

Premium Tickets – $30

Entry From 1pm
2 Drink Tokens
2 Food Tokens
Souvenir Sample Cup
A Bigger Sense Of Island Pride

Add Ten Drink Tokens – $25

Start the event off without having to line up for tokens. See above for token information.

Get Your Tickets

Only available here!


The first in our seasonal series of festivals is just around the corner, and tickets are now available! Choose from the options below, and be sure to remember the name that the order was booked under – as that’s how you’ll get in on the day of the event.

Want cheaper tickets? You can save $5 on every ticket by joining The Strath League! Sign up here!

Regular Ticket

$25 – entry from 2pm

Regular Ticket & Tokens

$46.74 – entry from 2pm with ten extra tokens

Premium Ticket

$30 – entry from 1pm

Premium Ticket & Tokens

$51.74 – entry from 1pm with ten extra tokens

Strath League Member?

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In order to get early access and discounts to events, you must be logged in with the same account you used to sign up for the Strath League.

Any Questions?

Feel free to shoot us an email.


You can reach Adam at [email protected]