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Joie – Rosé

ABV: 12.6%   Bottle Size: 750ml   Format: Single

Type: Rosé
Region: British Columbia

JoieFarm was one on of the first BC wineries to produce rosé, starting the Rosé Revolution back in 2004. Joie makes rosé because we love drinking it and we believe it to be the most versatile wine to pair with the food of the Pacific Northwest. It is a versatile friend to any meal or picnic. The inspiration for this wine is the Pinot Noir and Gamay-based rosés of the Loire Valley, particularly those of Sancerre and Anjou. We appreciate the moderate alcohol and natural acidity that sets them apart from their southern Mediterranean counterparts. Pinot Noir lends strawberry and Montmorency cherry flavours and lovely, fresh body. Pinot Meunier adds a blast of raspberry fruit and the skin-contacted Pinot Gris adds a creamy strawberry mid-palate. JoieFarm continues to hang its hat on premium Rosé production in a consistent style that is a leader in the ongoing Rosé revolution.


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