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A Botanical Voyage

Each gin is as unique as the people and places that make it

Gin is being created in every corner of our planet, and with good reason. No other spirit truly captures the landscape and the culture of a place quite like it. Join us in exploring this global phenomenon.

Based at The Strath Ale Wine & Spirit Merchants on Douglas St, Downtown Victoria – Juniper lets you discover a new pair of gins every single month. For just $5, you can try both gins (with complementary Philip’s Tonic Water), and you’ll get a 10% discount on any featured gin! Plus all members automatically get 5% off of our entire gin selection.

Check below to see what we’re pouring, and sign up now for free!

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5% off all gins*
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You can checkout with just the membership, or you can even take advantage of it straight away – as the discounts activate as soon as the membership is in your cart!

* Doesn’t include already discounted items and SMWS bottles

Drop-In Gins

The most convenient and cost-effective way to explore gin in Victoria

This is where it all started, the heart of the Dram Association. Simply swing by The Strath before 7 pm any day except Wednesdays and sample up to two drams from our curated selection of whisky. Including a can of local Sparkmouth Tonic from Phillips

The regular “Exploration Series” of drams are released every second Sunday, and cost $5 to sample. We will also sometimes have “Special Series” drams available at various price points and “Promotional Drams” available for no cost at all.

Discover the identity of what we’re currently pouring by clicking on the drams below.

Gin Reviews

Our panel’s notes and our member’s scores

Here you can find all of our previously featured gins, and discover what our club thought of them.

How We Review Gins


Gins are rated out of 100 by our members when they come to sample them in-store.

Based on how scoring occurred for our early reviews, the following guide is given to members –

0-60 awful • 60-70 bad • 70-80 okay • 80-85 good • 85-90 great • 90-95 awesome • 95+ amazing

The individual scores are collected, and outliers are removed via the “agreeable group” statistical method to reduce bias and taste preferences (ie, people who score a sloe gin lowly because they don’t like sloeberries). This gives us a better idea of the overall quality of the gin in the eyes of our members.


Flavour Profile

Along with scoring the whisky, members are invited to choose up to three of the below flavour profiles which they think match the whisky. The profile that is most commonly chosen is then the official flavour profile for the dram.

dry & invigorating
eg – almond, orris, clove, ginger, anise

floral & delicate
eg – rose, chamomile, cucumber, apple

fruity & sweet
eg – berries, peach, orange, vanilla

savoury & herbaceous
eg – earl grey, thyme, caraway, spruce