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Nagahama – Amahagan World Malt #1

Region: Japan
Cask Type: Unknown
Age: NAS
Type: Blended Malt Spirit
Release: First Ever
Size: 70 cl
Abv: 47%


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Dram Association Panel Tasting Notes

The nose was stunningly inviting right off of the bat. Golden raisins, stewed prunes, candied apples, bananas, rhubarb, and peaches were all present, engulfed in a sweet creaminess which I could only describe as “cup-cake batter”.

It seems odd when talking about the palate to start with the finish – but I feel one should be prepared for how long this lasts. This whisky is a journey that needs time committed to it in order to fully appreciate it. One should not take rapid-fire sips of this dram, but rather hold it in your mouth and mind for a good couple of minutes. As long as the finish is, the flavour is just as complex. Many of the aforementioned fruits were present on the palate too, but joining them now is apricot and orange. Beneath the fruit however, another layer is revealed – a layer of rich dark chocolate, brioche buns, nutmeg and malt.

The concept of this whisky is unique and interesting, and it would have been all too easy to just throw together any old whisky and let the marketing team sell it. This is 100% not the case here. You can tell that this whisky has been loveling crafted by someone who truly understands flavour. This is the first attempt from new Japanese whisky blender Takashi Kiyoi, and I think it is an incredible debut. Will it be a one-hit-wonder, or will he join the ranks of Japan’s master blender? Only time will tell, but I know which one I’d bet on. As the label says, “Perfecting this blending technique is our new challenge”, and I think Kiyoi-san will rise to that challenge. Highly recommended.

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