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SMWS 13.70 – Nuts, Spice And Intrigue

Profile: Spicy & Dry
Region: Highland
Cask Type: Refill Barrel
Age: 10 Years
Date: 29 May 2008
Outturn: 172 Bottles
Size: 750ml
Abv: 61.1%

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SMWS Panel Notes

The nose began with fresh waves of cut grass and pine forests whilst a curious overlaying character initiated thoughts of ‘what is that aroma’? Perfumed notes formulated into lilac and lavender before brazil nuts and toasted pine nuts presented oily textures. Oils turned to cream – strawberries and cream to be precise which quickly became accompanied by peaches, apricots and brandy butter.

Curious aromas turned into warming spice as cloves and nutmeg joined allspice and star anise. Without water the palate was sweet and rich yet feisty like fresh ginger. However, with just a drop added it revealed herbal tones with butter on crumpets and puff pastry wrapped around blackberry jam. The dried fruits of malt loaf appeared at the end with brioche bread and a glass of dry white wine.


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