SMWS 26.149 – Heiland Coup d’Etat

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Profile: Oily & Costal
Region: Highland
Cask Type: 2nd fill barrel
Age: 8
Date: 19 September 2011
Outturn: 259 Bottles
Size: 750ml
Abv: 58.1%

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SMWS Panel Notes

We found this one superbly fresh and full of fabrics, smashed seashells, wet rocks, surf-drenched beach pebbles, chalk, bitter lemon and limoncello with soda water. Lots of white coastal flowers, sandalwood and scented waxiness. Classical and effortlessly brilliant. Reduction elevated the coastal freshness. Lots of dried lavender, lemon peel, pink grapefruit, citrus oils, watermelon liqueur and some tart gooseberry acidity.

The mouth opened with overflowing fruity abundance. Pineapple, bubble gum, blue raspberry popsicles, cream soda, and illegally sweet Irn Bru candy bars from the 1990s. With water there was fennel, lime curd and a generally more savoury, umami and punchy herbal quality. Putty, waxes, limestone and green pepper warming the aftertaste. Makes you excited for the future of whisky; a revolutionary spirit!


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