SMWS 68.38 – Butcher Shop Quartet

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Profile: Juicy, Oak & Vanilla
Region: Highland
Cask Type: Re-charred hogshead
Age: 9
Date: 11 June 2010
Outturn: 273 Bottles
Size: 750ml
Abv: 57.9%

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SMWS Panel Notes

The initial impressions for this one were very much meat themed. Beefy, gamey, rich and full of savoury herbal and stocky notes. Broth, bouillon, bay leaf, bouquet garni and hints of charred fruit and blue cheese. Dried apricot rings, barley sugar, grape must and vegetable oil. With reduction this meaty aspect remained but developed more towards dried herbal mixtures, wood char, damp earthiness, pencil erasers and peppery beef stock. Touches of caramelized brown sugar and malt vinegar. Unusual and compelling.

The palate opened with spicy dried chili, barley sugars, metal polish and cured bacon. Very umami and rich, like whisky-cured venison with notes of lemon acidity. Some white pepper and cough lozenges. With water it was still rather hot and peppery but also showing notes of vanilla custard, spiced dark fruits, walnut oil, apple pie and mixed berries.


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