SMWS 85.59 – Beer Pong



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Profile: Light & Delicate
Region: Speyside
Cask Type: Refill Hogshead
Age: 11
Date: 13 December 2007
Outturn: 210 Bottles
Size: 750ml
Abv: 58.3%

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Classic distillery character at first with notes of lemon scented floor wax, furniture polish, floral cleaning fluids, burlap sack cloth, dry biscuity notes, cereals, elderflowers, hay loft, fabric, dried apricots, throat lozenges and orange oils. Water gives us fresh paint, putty, wool, sourdough bread, toasted seeds, geraniums, lavender, old inkwells, raw cactus and chopped mixed herbs.


To taste it is initially full of mint julep, cedar wood cigar boxes, lamp oil, gentle earthiness, tangerine flowers, blackcurrant, heather honey, ginger biscuits and tea tree oil. After reduction we get candy floss, treacle, sunflower oil, limestone, warm grist, 80 shilling ale, tiger balm and lemon peel in weiss beer with a wedge of polenta cake.



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