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Verzet Kameradski Balsamico

ABV: %   Bottle Size: ml   Format: Single

Malty & Dark Ale

Type: Ale

Kameradski Balsamico is a hybrid of Russian Imperial Stout and Oud Bruin. Opposite attract. This sweet sour marriage combines the viscosity and robustness of a Russian Imperial Stout with the winy delicacy of Italian Balsamic Vinegar. Tasting this beer is like a Soviet bombardment on your senses that throws you from Moscow to Modena and back, to find balance somewhere in the middle. The aroma reveals chocolate, raisins and Syrup de Liège, with a sense of port wine. The thick, sweet start creates the expectations of an antitussive that pampers the throat. The tantalizing sourness when you swallow, though, crushes that expectation immediately, so you have to start all over again. Comrades, unite and drink this oil of brotherhood!


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