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Writer’s Tears – Cask Strength 2019 Edition

Region: Ireland
Cask Type: Ex-Bourbon
Age: Not Stated
Type: Blended Irish (Single Malt & Pot Still)
Release: 1 of 2580
Size: 70 cl
Abv: 53%


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Why did I give up all sweets for lent? Why didn’t I just give up chocolate like everyone else? I’m craving all of my favourite naughty snacks, and I can’t have any of them!

Golden raisins covered in yogurt, Swedish berries, liquorice, cinder toffee, salted caramel covered apples, and apple cider lolly-pops. How long until Easter? Maybe I’ll just sneak some of that sweet copper coloured cinder toffee while nobody is looking…


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